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Words. Brands. Gigantic ideas.

I'm a writer, branding strategist, and UX designer in New York City. Over the past decade I've worked for companies large and small in Asia, Europe, and North America, from Daekyo and YBM in South Korea to Brainly in Poland and the Oberthur Group in Québec. In Bangkok, I founded Thailand's first-ever personal-branding consultancy for students pursuing university study in the United States and Canada. I've written for The New York TimesOutside Magazine, and Harper's Magazine, and have worked with more academics than I can count to explain high-level scholarship to popular and non-specialist audiences. I hold degrees in French and English from Sarah Lawrence College and Rutgers University, and wrote my Ph.D. dissertation on early Native American literature. I've lived in five countries, traveled in fifty, and now make my home in sunny Brooklyn with my twenty-dollar cat, Ramble, and my Hawaiian rescue dog, Koa. Get in touch. (I'm great at handshakes.)